Paperless meetings, much more than a green idea!

Paperless meetings with iBabs

A meeting is more than just a discussion. Making the appointment and organizing, mailing, printing and reading the required documents often takes longer than the actual meeting itself. iBabs makes everything a lot more efficient. As a result of years of experience with administrative decision-making processes and the related discussions, and supporting secretarial offices, we know exactly what you need. The solution is a simple app which makes your meetings simpler, more substantive and more environmentally friendly. The only thing you need is a tablet or laptop and internet.

Simple to plan

Things are made a lot easier for you right from the start. This is because iBabs provides you with a conveniently arranged, automated organizer which fits in perfectly with the agenda of your current mail system. Meetings which always take place at the same venue and time, only have to be entered once; you can simply reuse the data. Documents can be linked at any time to the required agenda points and are automatically converted to PDF format. Subsequently, access to these documents can easily be restricted to those authorized.

Simple to prepare

The stacks of paper you normally have to delve through will be replaced by your tablet. Everything you need to prepare for the meeting is, after all, right there beside the relevant agenda point. You can add documents and notes here and then share them with colleagues. A pack of paper with post it notes sticking out all over the place is now a thing of the past. You just scroll through the documents or use the search function. iBabs helps you to work much more efficiently: you can prepare for a meeting anywhere, any time.

Ensure smoothly-run meetings

iBabs enables you to reduce the time you need to prepare for meetings and it facilitates cooperation with your colleagues. When you open iBabs, you immediately see the agenda with the agenda points and the related documents. This means that everyone involved always has the correct versions available and can focus solely on the matters at hand. Action points can, moreover, be allocated to specific persons in advance or during the meeting and decisions can be recorded. In fact, your work is finished when you close the door behind you at the end of the meeting. The agreements and decisions reached can always be retrieved.

Start straight away

Whether you use a tablet or laptop, iBabs is a platform-independent app which is so user-friendly that you can get to work with it straight away and without any help of your IT department. If, however, you would like an explanation, a short training course can be given.