Paperless meetings, much more than a green idea!

Paperless meetings with iBabs

If you hold meetings regularly, you will be all too well aware of the stacks of paper and quantities of ink you go through. But there is a more environmentally-friendly alternative. iBabs enables you to reduce these piles of documents to the thickness of your tablet. Together with iBabs, your organization will be heading towards a green future! Read more about paperless meetings with iBabs

Linked with your DMS

With the realization of the link between your DMS and iBabs, it is now even easier to make all items available on the agenda and underlying documents within iBabs. With the iBabs DMS Browser you’re able to easily browse through the folder structure of your DMS.

Platform independent

iBabs is platform independent, available in all app stores and can be used from any computer.
(Appstore, Google Play, Windows Store and HTML5).


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Using iBabs will give you a fantastic sustainability score. How high a score? Do the Save-a-Tree Test and find out, immediately, how many trees your organization can save every year by using iBabs.


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Some advantages of iBabs

iBabs is leader in Paperless meetings.
  • Meeting documents are available always and anywhere, both online and offline.
  • All (personal) documents are available on any device used.
  • Ability to directly annotate the documents; these will be kept private or shared confidentially within the application.
  • Capture actions, tasks and decisions on the fly
  • Templates for recurring meetings.


  • Automatic document conversion to PDF.
  • Create meetings the way you’re used to (eg. in Outlook)
  • Use a personal document box in which your documents are stored.
  • Security and confidentiality is guaranteed.
  • Easy overview of all your actions and decisions.

Watch the iBabs demo

Watch the iBabs demo to get an idea of the many possibilities of iBabs

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